Quality chairs

Only the best basic material: our commitment is first-class full wood.

The choice of canvas talks about the product:

the best canvas in the patterns that enhance the space.

Long-term production confirms high quality:

We have been on the market for more than 30 years, with continuous development and growth. Improved and unobtrusive design, elegance and aesthetics, that's what separates us from others. Persistence and durability, comfort, warmth, all of this is a feature of our products that are sold in Serbia and several other countries where our export program is being marketed.





  • Vrlo raznolik proizvodni program koji ima Ebanovina omogućava nam da u svojim radnjama imamo ponudu za svakog kupca. To je nameštaj koji oplemenjuje Vaš dom...
    ES-SISTEM Novi Sad
  • U vremenima kada nas preplavljuje jeftina roba iz uvoza, niskog kvaliteta i od neadekvatnih materijala, ovo što radi Ebanovina predstavlja pravi izuzetak. Ne znam samo da li stolica može da bude bolja od ovoga...?
    Slađan Radivojević
    MAJA STILL, Smederevski put 44, Beograd
  • Naša firma izrađuje nameštaj po želji kupca i po specijalnoj narudžbini. Ali, kada su u pitanju stolice, tu je Ebanovina! Svaki naš dizajn se perfektno kompletira najboljim stolicama...
    Mebel Kumanovo
    Mebel Kumanovo
  • Mi smo firma koja u Despotovcu prodaje nameštaj renomiranih proizvođača. Sa mnogima sarađujemo, ali Ebanovina d.o.o. se izdvaja. Ljubaznost je samo šlag na torti koju čini kvalitetan proizvod...
    Nameštaj Bogojević
    Nameštaj Bogojević

We produce furniture

Dining chairs and garden furniture made with love.

Passion and experience

The long practice we have in production is not our only asset. And after so many years of work, we still cultivate the same passion for our business. Wood processing, design, that's what brings us and we look forward to it every day.

Our products speak for themselves, but our impression is that every single piece shows that much work, desire and love has been invested in it. We try to make every new product, every new series and every new design at least a bit better than the previous one. We want to give our clients the most, because we know that we can only make progress together.

Perfection is the key

We did not invent that. If you have a good product, it talks about work and everything else that is invested in it. It is clear to us that the key to success lies in perfection, or as close as possible to it.

And this is achieved in only one way. We work hard on every detail, we control the production process and do not allow any errors, either in the material, or in the construction. Everything that leaves our production lines must be maximally carried out. This is also seen by our clients - we have them more and more. Our goals are harmony and strength. And every day we strive for it.


Ebanovina d.o.o.
dining chairs and garden furniture
Cerova, Kruševac 37000

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